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Zerizang is your support plug for excellent and professional voiceovers. Get a discount today on your IVR when you buy a Vezeti Business Telephone number! 
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Why Zerizang?

Zerizang, a modern business support company, was established in 2020. We offer the support needed, to generate quality leads and increase sales whilst retaining existing customers by 99.9%.

We do this by creating a unique business voice for your business through our professional voiceover services. Our voiceovers include, but are not limited to Interactive Voice Response (IVRs), Telephone messages, Commercials, Audiobooks, Explainer videos, E-learning/Training videos, Announcements, Radio drama, podcasts, and Documentaries. 

Support Services

Voiceovers are a unique approach deployed for business growth and development. With the right voice and the right strategy, your business goals can be achieved cost-effectively. Zerizang voiceovers have unique voices to achieve your business needs. Explore our range of services today: Telephone messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVRs), Digital Advertising, Radio Jingles, TV Commercials, Radio Drama, Audiobooks, Gaming, Animation, Training videos/ E-Learning, Explainer videos, Documentaries, Voice Assistants, podcasts, Movie Trailer, Dub Series, Podcast, Live Announcement. 
Tell us how you want your business to be projected and we will voice it excellently.
Did you know that a professional business telephone number, enhances your business’s professional image locally and globally and at a minimal cost? 
Zerizang is proud to be associated with Vezeti, the leading Telecommunication service provider in Nigeria. Vezeti offers a cloud-based telephony system with SIP extensions and a pilot number, ‘01 888 XXXX’ for small, medium and large-scale enterprises.
Working with Vezeti helps us to provide effective voiceover services to them and their customers and support new customers with the process of getting a professional business telephone number for their business. 

Do you have a professional business number (like this 01 888 0074)? Do you need one? Start a project with us today.

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